What is Refuge?

It is a place for solitude and prayer.

Where does one go when they need some alone time to pour one’s heart out to God? Refuge.

Where do you go during the worship service when you begin to feel faint or weak? What do you do when a migraine might be coming on and you need subdued lighting and less noise? Refuge.

Where does a mother take her baby to nurse, change, or when they’re fussy, so as to not disturb the worship service? Refuge.

Where does a bride prepare for her entrance to her wedding? Refuge.

Where can you go to read a book, watch a movie, have a quiet conversation, or pray with a friend? Refuge.

Where do you go in the Lord’s house when tragedy strikes and you want to pour out your heart to God? Refuge.

Refuge has been created for all these reasons and more. In this noisy world that pulls at us from every side we need a place of quiet rest. When we want to worship but we have a nagging cough and don’t want to disturb our neighbor. When parents could use a date night but need it to be economical they can come, use the kitchen, and enjoy a faith filled movie.

We all need this at times and now there is a place for them where you love to worship.

Refuge is outfitted with a large screen TV that has a feed from our worship service or any event. If you need to step out but don’t want to leave the service you can watch and hear it in Refuge.

We are working on stocking the shelves with books, CDs, and DVDs to form a library. Any of the above may be checked out on loan to use or they can be enjoyed resting on the couch or rocking in the rocking chair. There will be fiction and non-fiction books, books for Bible Study, and books for children as well as appropriate movies and videos.

Refuge is available for a weekday, small group Bible Study or for a support group. Your imagination is the limit.

If you’d like to use the room sometime when the church isn’t open, speak to the Pastor or church office to arrange a time and for entry.

What about starting a Bible Study, or morning coffee fellowship? With a kitchen nearby, coffee and snacks is easy to provide.

With nice weather here perhaps you could start a walking and or exercise group that begins its time with a devotional and prayer.

Bring some toys and let your little ones play on the soft carpet while you and a friend catch up on news.

Refuge has been created and furnished with donations of time and materials by friends of the church. No church budget funds have been used.

Salvation is a gift. The abundant life Christ has for us is a gift. Life eternal in heaven is a gift and so is Refuge!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions bring them to the Pastor but above all enjoy God’s gift of Refuge!